Energy from the sun can be categorized in two ways:

(1) in the form of heat (or thermal energy)
(2) in the form of light energy

Solar thermal technologies use the sun’s heat energy to heat substances (such as water or air) for applications such as space heating, pool heating and water heating for homes and businesses.

There are a variety of products on the market that utilize thermal energy.

The sun’s light can also be used to produce electricity on a large utility-scale by converting the sun’s light into electricity. Which can be used to run Lights, Fans, Water Pumps and Home Appliances etc.


Modern solar panels are a combination of magnifying glasses and fluid filled pipes. The solar panel seen opposite has a glass front which is specially made to focus the power of the sun on pipes behind it. The pipes carry a special fluid that heats up rapidly. They are painted black to absorb the heat from the sun. The silver reflective surface behind the pipes reflects sun light back, further heating the pipes and the fluid they contain. The reflective surface also protects anything behind the solar panel (such as a roof).
The heat produced in the pipes is then used to heat a tank of water. This saves using electricity or gas to heat up the water tank.


Services /Products available

  1. Solar Panel
  2. Solar Water heater
  3. Solar Water Pumping
  4. Solar Fridge Freezer
  5. Solar Street Lights
  6. Charge Controllers
  7. Meters And Toolkits
  8. Solar Parabolic