Mounting Structures

Types of Mounting Structures

  1. Single Axis Tracking
  2. Dual Axis Tracking
  3. Ground Mounted
  4. Solar Car Ports
  5. Roof-Mounted

Single Axis Solar Mounting

  • Built more durable than similar units using thick wall steel mount
  • Ideal for remote area installation
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Low cost foundations
  • Standard universal mounting rails to fit any commercially available photovoltaics panel
  • Can increase productivity of solar modules up to 35%
  • Modular to allow for multiple configurations dependant on field layout
  • (1) Control system runs up to (4) 20 foot sections
  • Each system is prefab designed for quick installation, ez-bolt together design requires no onsite alignment or welding

Dual Axis Solar Mounting

  • V-shaped metal structure and grill for up to 13.16 kWp (Fifty-six 235 Wp modules) panels.
  • PLC tracking, in a fully equipped independent electric panel.
  • Three phase motors on both axes.
  • Hook-up/connection cabinet for storing protectors.

Ground Mounting Structure

  • High level of pre-assembly for fast installations
  • Easily accessible for ground and system maintenance
  • Certified engineering by professional engineer licensed in the location of the project

Solar Car Port

Solar Carports let you take full advantage of large parking areas for the purpose of producing electricity while providing shaded or covered parking to every day users.

By specializing in parking lot and drive area coverage, we can simplify your carport project by configuring one of our solar ready carport styles or provide design services to develop a custom solar carport solution for your next renewable energy project.