Solar Modules

Solar, or photovoltaic, cells convert sunlight directly into electricity. Most photovoltaic cells are made primarily of silicon, the material used in computer semiconductor chips, and arranged on rectangular panels. When sunlight hits a cell, the energy knocks electrons free of their atoms, allowing them to flow through the material. The resulting DC (direct current) electricity is then sent to a power inverter for conversion to AC (alternating current), which is the form in which electric power is delivered to homes and businesses.

Types Of Solar Panels

There are number of different types of solar panel, from an ever increasing range of manufacturers. Each claims that they are best for one reason or another, with different sales people all giving different information. We are flexible enough to be able to recommend whichever solar panel we think is best for your project and can just order and fit the type of panel you prefer.

There are three main types of photo-voltaic solar panels for both commercial and residential use.  They are:

·         Mono-crystalline

·         Poly-crystalline

·         Amorphous Silicon also called “Thin Film”


Solar water pumping system is the best solution for providing water for drinking and irrigation where there main power grid is not accessible and at present situation with high fuel costs it replaces the conventional water pumps. It needs minimum maintenance, but holds high economy,reliability and environment advantages.