On Grid Solar Power System

Solar on-grid power system is the best you can get in Solar for your house/building/industry. It means that you are always connected to energy; solar during the day, the grid at night.

Without any need for batteries. We use the grid to inject  or extract our solar energy.


In on grid-connected or grid-tied systems , solar energy is used during the day by the system owner. At night, the owner draws on the previously established electricity grid. An addition benefit of the grid-tied system is that the solar system does not need to be sized to meet peak loads—overload can be drawn from the grid. In many cases, surplus energy generated during the day can be exported back to the grid. Grid-connected systems must meet utility requirements.Systems should use quality Inverters which must switch off in cases of grid failure. and they must retain acceptable levels of harmonic distortion, such as voltage quality and current output waveforms.





On Grid-connected systems can be applied to residential / commercial / industrial installations.