Pre-Heated Series

This is a simple way to save a bunch of energy especially in hot climates. After all energy from the sun is free


A copper coil is installed inside the tank as the heat exchanger

When water flows into the copper coil, it absorbs heat from the water in the tank, therefore; the water tank is just a heat storage.


  • Can be used at any time to warm the cold water. It can overcome the shortcoming of traditional solar water heater, such as slow heating rate, long waiting time.
  • High efficiency: A special heat exchanging mode is adopted to avoid mixed effect, so cold water can be heated at any moment.
  • Water pressure is same as tap water; it can be connected directly to city tap water system.
  • No pollution in working, no cost for hot water.
  • Easy working.

Automatic water supply

The appearance is nice and attractive and can fit into the surroundings properly.

No Of TubesTubes Specification (mm)Heat Exchanger(m)
20 58 × 1800 20
30 58 × 1800 30
32 58 × 1800 32
36 58 × 1800 36