Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pumping system has rapidly developed since last decades, the economic advantage of which brings it into prominence. It Uses solar energy to pump water from deep well , river , lake pr ponds to provide human and animal drinking water and for irrigation.

Components Of Solar Water Pumps

  1. Motor  ( AC / DC)
  2. Pump
  3. Controller
  4. Solar Array
  5. Solar Array Mounting + Accessories.


System works Full Automatic from sunrise to sunset without any manual control.

  • Patented dynamic VI maximum power point tracking(MPPT) control method ensures fast response and stable operation.
  • Highly intelligent main power module ensures high reliability and up to 98 % conversion efficiency.
  • Digital control,automatic operation and data storage .Lightning proof,over/low input voltage, over current and over load protection.
  • Anodized aluminum case, LED display and in line block for perfect cooling and shielding
  • User friendly and convenient operation
  • Compatible with 3 phase induction motors,adjustable pump speed based on the actual situation of system.
  • Water level detection and control circuit options available
  • The system does not require any external battery, Stores water instead of the electricity , improving reliablilty and lowering construction and maintenence cost dramatically.
  • CE Certified

Solar Pump Drives

0.37 to 45 kW

In Single and Two phase



Solar water pumping system is the best solution for providing water for drinking and irrigation where there main power grid is not accessible and at present situation with high fuel costs it replaces the conventional water pumps. It needs minimum maintenance, but holds high economy,reliability and environment advantages.

Solar Water Pump
ModelInput DC Voltage
Recommended MPP Voltage
Rated Output Current
Output Frequency
Output Voltage
Net Weight (KG)Gross Weight (KG)Measurement
PB400L430300-35030-50/603PH 220V3.44.9320×280×225
PB750L430300-35050-50/603PH 220V3.44.9320×280×225
PB1500L430300-35070-50/603PH 220V4.05.6355×280×225
PB2200L430300-350110-50/603PH 220V4.05.6355×280×225
PB3700H750530-60090-50/603PH 380V4.05.6355×280×225
PB5500H750530-600130-50/603PH 380V7.29.5425×325×285
PB7500H750530-600180-50/603PH 380V7.39.6425×325×285
PB11KH750530-600240-50/603PH 380V7.710425×325×285
PB15KH750530-600300-50/603PH 380V8.210.5425×325×285
PB18KH750530-600390-50/603PH 380V8.410.7425×325×285
PB22KH750530-600450-50/603PH 380V18.110.7425×325×285
PB30KH750530-600600-50/603PH 380V18.121.1505×430×305
PB37KH750530-600750-50/603PH 380V18.121.1505×430×305
PB45KH750530-600910-50/603PH 380V18.121.1505×430×305
PB55KH750530-6001120-50/603PH 380V18.121.1505×430×305