DC Fridge / Freezer

We offer an complete line of Solar Powered Refrigerators, Solar Powered Fridge / Freezer and Solar Freezers. The DC Powered Solar Refrigerator can operate on as little as 80W of power. Our DC Powered Freezer required just 80W of power to keep it running. All units can operate with just one solar panel and a single battery. All units can operate on either 12V or 24V depending on your battery configuration. All units can operate with an AC power source with an optional AC Adapter and the AC/ DC optional switch.


  • Fully hermetic compressor with integrated control electronics,
    With upper refrigerator apartment and lower freezer apartment.
  • Cooling performance:           0-10℃ for the fridge
    -18℃ for the freezer,
  • adjustable via thermostat
  • automatically turn off when low input voltage to protect product
  • environment-friendly refrigerant R134a
  • connect with DC power source directly e.g. solar power source
  • connect with AC power source through an AC/DC adapter
  • High temperature resistance design and energy saving design.


Ideally suited for customers who are not connected to an electric grid or those who experience regular power outages. All our DC Powered refrigerators/freezer will keep your food safe and fresh when the power goes out. By using a solar powered refrigerators and freezer you could save money.

Product namesolar refrigerator
Model HB176
Power consumption 72W
Input voltageDC12V/24V
capacity100L-fridge 76L-freezer
Product size(mm)500(L)*530(W)*1450(H)
Carton size(mm)555(L)*605(W)*1505(H)
N.W. /G.W(KG)43/47
Accessory(optional) AC/DC adaptor
Product namesolar freezer
Model HB176
Power consumption72W
Input voltageDC12V/24V
Product size(mm)870(L)*570(W)*840(H)
Carton size(mm)915(L)*600(W)*870(H)
N.W. /G.W(KG)32/35
Accessory(optional) AC/DC adaptor
Product namesolar freezer
Model HB238
Power consumption80W
Input voltageDC12V/24V
capacity 238Litres
Product size(mm)1050(L)*660(W)*940(H)
Carton size(mm)1105(L)*675(W)*980(H)
N.W. /G.W(KG) 40/44
Accessory(optional) AC/DC adaptor
Product namesolar freezer
Power consumption80W
Input voltageDC12V/24V
Product size(mm)1260(L)*670(W)*930(H)
Carton size(mm)1335(L)*705(W)*980(H)
N.W. /G.W(KG)45/49
Accessory(optional) AC/DC adaptor

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