Weigh Feeders

Weigh Feeders are designed to accurately weigh various products on a continuous basis. These weigh feeders are efficient, reliable and perform accurately even under harsh environmental conditions.

Weigh Feeders

The weigh feeder calculates the flow rate and the total amount of material passing over it by continuously integrating the weight on a direct support torque tube weigh frame and a high resolution belt speed sensor signal. The patented torque tube weigh frame ensures mechanical offset of dead load, facilitating complete utilization of load cell output. The weigh frame is made of steel, ensuring high degree of reliability and life. Digital microcontroller based electronics is used. The microprocessor accurately and reliably measures weight and speed signals and calculates feed rate and total. Weigh feeders can also be optionally supplied with shaft mounted gearbox, flanged belt, totally enclosed construction, unique and effective take up systems and belt cleaning systems.

Applications in steel, cement, chemical, fertilizer and other core industries.
We can offer solutions for virtually any type of material, right from lumpy materials to pulverized aerated fine materials.


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